Financial Assistance

Through the generosity of our members, staff and community, the YMCA is able to provide financial assistance for kids and families who need us most.  We want to help people of all ages and from all walks of life to be more healthy, confident, connected and secure.

To apply for financial assistance, please review the following requirements, fill out the application in the brochure and include the required documentation.  We use a sliding fee scale based on total household income and the number of household members. We require supporting documentation to verify household size and income, and we consider special circumstances when providing assistance.

  • Applicants must fill out Financial Assistance Application and provide verification of all income and/or assistance received. Applications are kept confidential.

  • Please include a brief note describing how a YMCA membership would benefit you and/or your family. Please include a thank you letter for our donors.
  • Assistance may be granted on the basis of financial need such as low income, number of dependents, extenuating circumstances, etc.
  • The YMCA believes a sense of ownership and pride is developed if the financial assistance recipient has contributed to the cost of their YMCA involvement, therefore, applicants will be asked to pay a portion of the membership or program.
  • Applicants applying for a household membership will need to provide verification of income for all adults in the household.
  • Some programs are not eligible for Financial Assistance.
  • Most recent years Federal Tax Return (Form 1040 pages 1 and 2 only or Form 1040EZ) or other applicable supporting documentation listed on the application.
  • Copies of your last two paycheck stubs.
  • Note about how financial assistance would benefit you  and/or your family, including any special or extenuating circumstances.
  • Thank you letter to donors.


You don’t!  That’s why it is in your best interest to apply!  We do take into consideration total gross income and number of people in the family; however, we also recognize extenuating circumstances.