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Capital Campaign

In small communities throughout the country, there are few select institutions that bear the responsibility for creating the quality and maintaining the viability of those communities. The GROVE CITY YMCA is essential to the character and the quality of our community. After only 13 years, it is clearly evident the GROVE CITY YMCA must expand to meet the increased demand for our services. Programs are at capacity, parking is at a premium and our current building will not facilitate the needs of the community. In addition, the new middle school has opened adjacent to the YMCA and therefore 500 more youth seeking access to the YMCA’s after-school programs. It is time for the GROVE CITY YMCA to create more opportunities to ensure positive and lasting outcomes for children, adults, families, and seniors alike.

The YMCA has an ambitious plan to expand services and secure its future. The two-phased, $4.3 million project calls for the following:

Phase 1: $3.3m

· Program Arena that is large enough to accommodate two full basketball courts with in the deck hockey court that will facilitate various traditional programs as well as provide opportunities for new and expanded programs. Also, a merchandise/equipment store to. Currently, the closest deck hockey facility is 30 miles away and creates travel-time and scheduling burdens for our families and young adults. This will be one of five certified indoor decks in the state. 

Grove City YMCA Program Arena Blueprint.

· Teen Center will effectively give this age group their own program facility separate from the younger children’s programs.

· Slippery Rock University “Classroom to Community”. The YMCA is finalizing details with Slippery Rock University for a dedicated classroom and use of the Y in order to provide expanded learning for students and on-site services to YMCA participants.

· Group Exercise Studio will allow us program and wellness opportunities that we are currently not able to accommodate affectively such as Yoga, Pilates, and preschool and school age movement classes.

· Expanded Parking.

Phase 2: $1m

· Warm Water Pool. The 85 degree water temperature of the current aquatic facilities is not appropriate for many seniors, specials needs individuals and young children. In addition, the warm water pool will reduce the use of the full-length pool by these groups and open the larger pool’s use by swim teams and classes.

· Family & Special Needs Locker Rooms will accommodate the overwhelming number of individuals and young children needing assistance from their families prior to and after recreational activities.

We believe this expansion will bring various opportunities for our region and will have a direct positive economic impact. The deck within the Program Arena will be one of five certified indoor decks in the state. Projected budgets indicate a net gain of $85,000 over three years. The financial gain of this program will help fund and sustain our mission driven programming for youth and families.

Partners we are currently working with to provide additional, sustainable services and resources are Slippery Rock University, Grove City College and Grove City Area School District.

To date, we have raised $ 2,972,986 of which $600,100 was contributed by the current and former YMCA board members and staff has pledged over $100,000. We officially opened our doors to the Program Arena on November 3, 2012. Since then membership and program services and opportunities have increased to reflect the needs of the community, but we're not done. Building and program needs still remain. Our dedicated campaign volunteers will not stop fundraising until every dollar is raised to secure a successful future for our Y.

Chartered Donors contribute minimum donations of $100,000. Our Chartered Donors have collectively contributed over $1,385,000. We wish to thank the Rathburn Family Foundation, the Lindh Family, Thomas Construction, Inc., Beth & Phil Gasiewicz, Grove City College, Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., Kathleen & David Cashdollar, Jack & Jeanne Behringer for their generous charter contributions to the YMCA.

It is our hope that you will consider a gift to IT’s Time To GROW Capital Campaign and join us as we expand to better serve all children, young adults and elderly. We are committed to serving the needs and concerns of our area with the mission, vision and plans of the GROVE CITY YMCA.

We have 365 private and corporate friends for this project-thank you ALL for your support!