The Y. So Much More.

We're More Than A Place. We're A Cause. 

Our members and friends call us THEIR Y. We call them OUR greatest resource-the thousands of people who work alongside us and support our work to help our neighbors learn, grow and thrive.

What if we could harness all of that power to make an even greater difference on a bigger scale?

With programs from A-Z--like athletics to advocacy, dance classes to disease prevention, volleyball to volunteerism--we don't just strengthen individuals, we strengthen our community.

Yet there is so much more to do.

The Franklin and Grove City areas face new challenges that create a greater need for the work we do. Fortunately, where some see obstacles, we see opportunities for our members, volunteers, staff, and generous donors like you to make a difference. No other organization can impact as many people as powerfully as we do every day.

  • Every gift makes a difference.
  • Everyone has a role to play.
  • Together, we can achieve more.

Together We Can Do So Much More. 

Our Mission: to foster strong individuals, families, and communities with Christian values by providing quality programs that strengthen Spirit, Mind, and Body FOR ALL.

Our focus on Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility can help strengthen our families and therfore, our community. Critical issues impacting our communities can be limited or even eliminated when we work together. Issues like the erosion in social and emotional development leading to negative youth behaviors. Increase in academic disparity among children and teens in different backgrounds and inadequate parental and community support. High rates of obesity and chronic disease. Needs associated with aging populations. Increased social isolation and community connectedness. Lack of community involvement and civic engagement.

We strive to provide quality programs and services that meet the needs of our communities. We turn No ONE AWAY due to their inability to pay and return 123% of every dollar raised back to the community.

In 2014, the Franklin-Grove City YMCA awarded $172,277 for member and program scholarships to 1,998 individuals. Together we made a difference.

Our responsibility to our community doesn't stop there. We have intentionally partnered with 32 other non-profit agencies, as well as local and state government to assist us in serving our constituents the best we can.

Our Call to Action: When you give to the Y you are investing in our community, and more importantly, our youth. You are partnering with us to strengthen the foundation of our families and our community.

Give Today

We have an extraordinary opportunity to ensure a brighter future for Franklin and Grove City, but we must take action today, and only your support will make it possible.

When you give to the Franklin-Grove City YMCA your gift will help young people achieve their potential, empower people of all ages to lead healthier lives, and strengthen the bonds that make us whole.

Together, we'll take on many of the greatest challenges facing our young people, our health and our communities.

Now, when you think of your YMCA you'll know that it's more than a's a cause. A cause, that, with your generous support, will continue to strengthen the community in which you live. GIVE. AND DO SO MUCH MORE.

To find out how you can support our cause, contact us at

Franklin YMCA (814) 432-2138 or Grove City YMCA (724) 458-9781.

3 Rivers/PA West CFC #99857