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Delay the Disease: Parkinsons Wellness Program

The GROVE CITY YMCA now offers group exercise for people with Parkinson's. Delay the Disease is an evidence-based fitness program designed to empower those living with Parkinson's Disease by optimizing their physical function and helping to delay the progression of symptoms.

Developed by David Zid {BA, ACE, APG} and Jackie Russell {RN, BSN, CNOR} in Columbus, OH, this national wellness program is designed to retrain the mind and body.  Participants report improvement in quality of life, regained ability to successfully manage the disease, and maintenance of independence. This program targets daily functional challenges and symptom-specific fitness agendas. Exercise plans are adapted to all levels of the disease, valuable to newly diagnosed and progressed states alike.

Visit for additional information, seminars, and educational courses.

Class Information

Age Group:

Program Cost:

$50 per month (8 sessions)



Two 1 on 1 sessions per week

Group class meets Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 12:00-1:00pm

Must be members to participate

For information call Shelby Conn (724) 458-9781

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Moving Beyond Ability

The YMCA is pleased to offer a new program specifically designed for individuals with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis.In order to enhance quality of life, exercise is ESSENTIAL. We incorporate fun, playful activities into our program to make it enjoyable and to promote exercise adherence.Being in a program with others who are experiencing similar challenges promotes an atmosphere that is supportive, and that will meet emotional and socialization needs as well as physical needs.

The Goals of this program are to:
1. Prevent/Delay deterioration of mobility and functional abilities in individuals with movement disorders
2. Optimize physical fitness in individuals who may have unique physical challenges
3. Provide support to individuals and their families or caregivers through social and educational sessions

This will be achieved by focusing on improving balance, gait, and flexibility while increasing muscular strength and endurance as well as car-dio-respiratory strength and endurance.As needs change, the fitness professional will re-evaluate and modify the program with the help and expertise of medical professionals.

Advantages of Participating in Our Program:
Promotes increased range of motion and improved function
Improve muscle tone
Reduce stiffness and pain
Enhanced muscular strength and endurance
Social interaction and enjoyment
Decreases feelings of isolation
Increase overall sense of well-being
Educational series provided by local Health Care professionals
Promotes balance and agility
Reduces risks associated with inactivity including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, & high blood pressure
Promotes healthy sleep patterns and bowel function
Improves posture

Program Guidlines:
*Evaluation by a Physical Therapist
- to establish a physical baseline and identify potential safety issues prior to initiation of the program
-specific recommendations to your fitness professional regarding your needs and/or restrictions
-recommendations and referral to other services to optimize the quality of life

*Twice weekly exercise sessions led by certified fitness professionals specifically trained in the uniqueness of individuals with movement disorders.
*Variations in activities to accommodate individuals of varying abilities.
*Option to participate in an additional activity each week or workout individually in the fitness center or pool.
*Monthly support through group educational sessions for participants.

Level 1/Full Assistance:
For those who require continuous assistance. Level 1 includes the development of an individualized exercise plan.

Level 2/Partial Assistance:
For those needing help with fitness center equipment or instruction.

Level 3/Independent:
For those who can participate independently and follow an unassisted exercise program. 

Class Information

Age Group:

Program Cost:

Call or Email for more information:

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Call or Email for more information

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Personal Training

 New client and active client referral 4 session package!

***This package is used for new clients and as an incentive for active clients. It can only be purchased once per year. Clients may not double up on this package. As an incentive for active clients, every referral that yields a new paying client gives you the option to renew this package for yourself!

Monthly personal training

***MUST be committed to the trainer's program! Great for weight loss, sports training or specific goal setting.***

Buddy training

Grab a friend and split the cost!

In house training

Training package based on location, intensity of program and risk factors



Class Information

Age Group:
Teen & Up (13 and over)

Program Cost:

1 session: $35   3 sessions: $95   6 sessions: $200  12 sessions: $360

New client and active client referral package: 4 sessions for $100

Buddy Training: 4 sessions: $128  8 sessions: $256  12 sessions: $384

Monthly Training: 25 sessions used in 1 month: $375



Contact  to schedule. 

(724) 458-9781

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Phase IV Cardiac Rehab

The cardio care program focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness and daily function for inpiduals who have been diagnosed with heart disease and have recently completed a Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II and/or III program. Our program provides close supervision, structured progression, and monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure for each client.

  • Cardio care is offered Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings as scheduled
  • Inpidual Sessions last from 30-60 minutes depending on client programs.
  • Program cost is $15 per month for members and $30 per month for non-members.
  • This is an ongoing program; participants may enroll at anytime.

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Currently completing Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II or III
  • Recently completed Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II or III
  • Has doctor's medical release and exercise prescription for Phase IV

Class Information

Age Group:

Program Cost:

Members: $15 / mo., Non-Members: $30 / mo.


Tues, Thur, Fri as scheduled.

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