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Cardiac Rehab - Phase III

Phase III is a maintenance program of Phase II (monitored) Cardiac Rehab program.  It is recommended that all Phase II patients continue to exercise, after completing the program, in order to maintain their current level of fitness.  In order to achieve this, the FRANKLIN YMCA offers a Phase III program three times a week.  Phase III patients do not wear a monitor, and although they work independently, they are constantly supervised by CPR-certified personnel from the YMCA.  A registered nurse from UPMC Northwest visits once a month to monitor patient progress.

Benefits: Regular exercise can increase muscle endurance, lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol, reduce stress, prevent bone loss, counter depression and help control weight.
Requirements: You must be a graduate of a Phase II monitored program and have physician approval.
For more information contact: Robin Frye or Deb Krizon 814-432-2138 / UPMC Northwest-Cardiac Rehab Dept 814-676-7159 6:00am-2:30pm

Class Information

Age Group:

Program Cost:

Members: $14, Non-members: $29

There are programs available to assist anyone who finds these costs prohibitive.  Please do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with either the YMCA or UPMC Northwest staff.  We want Phase III to be available to anyone who wishes to participate and we will make every effort to assist you


 Mon., Wed. and Fri. - 6:00am-12:00pm

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Fitness Assessment

The assessment evaluates: Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition, blood pressure, target weight and pulse rate. Two, 1-hour appointments include: assessment administration and results, and goal setting. This program is highly reccommended for anyone who would like to see marked improvements in health and fitness from the onset of program development. The follow-up assessment is an optional, 3-month progress check-up.

Please call 724-458-9781 for more informatin or to schedule an appointment.

Class Information

Age Group:
Teen & Up (13 and over)

Program Cost:

Members: $10, Non-members: $20


As scheduled.

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Moving Beyond Ability

The YMCA is pleased to offer a new program specifically designed for individuals with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis.In order to enhance quality of life, exercise is ESSENTIAL. We incorporate fun, playful activities into our program to make it enjoyable and to promote exercise adherence.Being in a program with others who are experiencing similar challenges promotes an atmosphere that is supportive, and that will meet emotional and socialization needs as well as physical needs.

The Goals of this program are to: 
1. Prevent/Delay deterioration of mobility and functional abilities in individuals with movement disorders
2. Optimize physical fitness in individuals who may have unique physical challenges
3. Provide support to individuals and their families or caregivers through social and educational sessions

This will be achieved by focusing on improving balance, gait, and flexibility while increasing muscular strength and endurance as well as car-dio-respiratory strength and endurance.As needs change, the fitness professional will re-evaluate and modify the program with the help and expertise of medical professionals.

Advantages of Participating in Our Program:
Promotes increased range of motion and improved function
Improve muscle tone
Reduce stiffness and pain
Enhanced muscular strength and endurance
Social interaction and enjoyment
Decreases feelings of isolation
Increase overall sense of well-being
Educational series provided by local Health Care professionals
Promotes balance and agility
Reduces risks associated with inactivity including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, & high blood pressure
Promotes healthy sleep patterns and bowel function
Improves posture 

Program Guidlines:
*Evaluation by a Physical Therapist
- to establish a physical baseline and identify potential safety issues prior to initiation of the program
-specific recommendations to your fitness professional regarding your needs and/or restrictions
-recommendations and referral to other services to optimize the quality of life

*Twice weekly exercise sessions led by certified fitness professionals specifically trained in the uniqueness of individuals with movement disorders.
*Variations in activities to accommodate individuals of varying abilities.
*Option to participate in an additional activity each week or workout individually in the fitness center or pool.
*Monthly support through group educational sessions for participants.

Level 1/Full Assistance:
For those who require continuous assistance.  Level 1 includes the development of an individualized exercise plan.

Level 2/Partial Assistance:
For those needing help with fitness center equipment or instruction.

Level 3/Independent:
For those who can participate independently and follow an unassisted exercise program.








Class Information

Age Group:

Program Cost:

Call or email for pricing.



Call or email for more information.

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Wellness / Fitness Center

FITNESS CENTER – Members age 12 – Adult

If your goal is a healthier lifestyle then the FRANKLIN YMCA Fitness Center is a great place to start.  All new Members of the FRANKLIN YMCA receive the benefit of an initial Personal Fitness Orientation with one of our trained Fitness Instructors.  We’ll work with you to determine what best fits your needs and your schedule, and then introduce you to a fitness program that is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, and increase your muscular strength and endurance.  You’ll discover the value of a facility that provides you both the flexibility and the variety necessary to maintain a regular work-out.  Our trained staff, friendly atmosphere will optimize your enjoyment and you’ll be able to explore the endless possibilities that come along with your new healthier lifestyle.

Please note:
   Youth ages 12 & 13 may use the Cardio & Prime Fitness equipment, but must go through (2) Teen Fitness Orientations first.  Youth must be 14 years of age to use the Free Weight Center.


  • Completion and review of YMCA Health Assessment Forms
  • Training in the usage of the Prime Fitness & Cardio equipment.
  • Setting up a work-out schedule useful for tracking your Cardio workouts, seat settings, range of motion, weights, sets, & reps on the machines.


  • Youth Members 12 & 13 years of age who are interested in working out independently may use the Cardio & Prime Fitness equipment once they have successfully completed a Teen Fitness Orientation. This class includes 2 appointments with a Fitness Instructor.
  • Youth who successfully pass this class will receive a Teen Pass that will allow them to use the Cardio & Prime Fitness equipment without parental supervision.  Appointments must be set up in the Fitness Center.

FREE WEIGHT CENTER-ages 14 and older

Equipment Includes:

  • Hoist Free Weight benches
  • Prime Power rack
  • Hoist dual action smith machine
  • 3 & 1 incline/decline benches
  • Prime leg press
  • Back extension
  • Dual/Multi/Functional exercise station
  • Various plates and dumbbells
  • Stability balls

CARDIO CENTER-ages 12 and older

Equipment includes:

  • Wood way, Pre-Cor, and Star Trek treadmills
  • Precor AMT elliptical trainer
  • Precor motion ellipticals
  • Recumbent stepper
  • Precor stepper
  • Precor recumbent bike and one upright bike
  • E-Spinner bikes
  • Rower
  • Cybex hiker

From beginner exercisers to elite athletes, our certified Personal Trainers are ready to help you advance to your next level of health and fitness.  If you are looking for a custom exercise program or just to be motivated and pushed beyond what you think you can do you won’t regret the investment.

Individual one hour sessions - $35.


  • 4 hour package - $120
  • 8 hour package - $228
  • 12 hour Package - $330

Note* If you Cancel a personal training appointment in less than 24 hours you will lose a one hour session.

Buddy Rates and Non Member Rates are available.

Phase III Cardiac rehab is a monitored, maintenance program for graduates of the Phase II Cardiac rehab program held at UPMC in Seneca.  Work independently while being supervised by a trained fitness instructor.  Blood pressure and heart rates are monitored and recorded.  Individual 30 – 60 minute sessions are scheduled for Mondays, Wed. and Fri.  Please call for an assigned time.

Fees:         Members:       $14.00/month

                Non-Members:  $35.00/month

Class Information

Age Group:
Teen & Up (13 and over)

Program Cost:

See Above


See location hours. 

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